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Ms. Jarrell

Learning More Spanish:

-Set your smart phone to Spanish and talk to it in the same.
-Dial 2 for Spanish when available.
-Order in Spanish at restaurants that serve Spanish speakers.
-At your part-time job, listen for customers who speak Spanish and greet them accordingly.
-Even when speaking English with your classmates, throw in as many Spanish words and phrases as you can.

-Listen to Spanish music and watch Spanish movies for free on YouTube and elsewhere online.
-If you hear people speaking Spanish in public, listen for any words you might recognize.
-Paste Spanish paragraphs into Voki to hear them spoken in a native accent.

-Google News, BBC and other websites have Spanish versions.
-After reading an article on Wikipedia, read the Spanish translation.
-Search Facebook, Twitter, etc., using key words in Spanish.
-Look for Spanish versions of your favorite books.
-Read a paragraph in Spanish for the gist, look up words you don't know, and read it again.

-Write your next grocery list in Spanish.
-Write blogs, tweets, Facebook posts, YouTube comments, etc., in Spanish.
-Write more "ejemplos" for fun!