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Mr. Patterson

Mr. Patterson’s 9/24-10/4



8th Grade A and B

7th Grade

World History 1

Tuesday 10/1

Due Chapter 3 Section two questions 3,4,5 and study for quiz.  No homework. 

Wednesday 10/2

Activity on Egyptian Religion work on in Class creating a picture Gallery of Egyption Gods.  Homework Chapter 3 secton 3 questions 3,4,5 and  study for a quiz on section 3.


Thursday 10/3

Due Chapter 3 section 3 questions 3,4,5 and a quiz. Class discussion and the follow powerpoint.  No homework. 


Friday 10/4

Working on Gallery of Egyptian Gods. No homework.
Monday 10/7


Finish working on Gallery of Egyptian Gods.  Homework

Chapter 3 section 4 questions 3,4,5 and study for a quiz. 


Tuesday 10/8

Due Chapter 3 section 4 questions 3,4,5.  Quiz and worksheet.

Follow powerpoint and answer questions.  Due heiroglyphics activity.  Homework Chapter 3 section 5 questions 3,4,5 and quiz. 



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