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Mr. Reeves

Schedule for the week of 10/16        



Film As Literature

Sophomore English

  British and World Literature


Topic: Groundhog Day Conclusion


Topic: Treasure Island Ch. 28-30 Quiz / Treasure Island Film


HW: Finish the book for Friday


Topic:  Macbeth Scene Writing Assignment




Topic: Groundhog Day review & Analysis


Topic: Genres of Fiction Poster / Sentence Types


Topic:  Scene Writing Assignment Presentations / Macbeth Act IV



Topic: Groundhog Day review & Analysis


Topic: Current Events / Poetic Devices

Topic: Iambic Pentameter / Macbeth Act IV




Topic: Script Writing


Topic: Sentence Types / Types of Non-fiction / The Montgomery Boycott

Topic: Holinshed’s Chronicles Pt. 2 / Macbeth Act IV


HW: pg. 399 #1, 3-6



Topic: Script Writing


Topic:  Treasure Island Ch. 31-34 Quiz / Film Conclusion


Topic:  Macbeth Act IV Film / Act V / Historical Macbeth