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Mr. Hebert- Grade 6-8 Writing

Welcome to Writing!

 Student Council meetings are held on Wednesdays at 7:30 AM in Room 307

Week of 2/19 - 2/22:

This week, students in sixth grade will continue to work on their persuasive essays. They will be turning in their first drafts, working with a partner to evaluate them and plan out how they are going to revise.

Students in seventh grade will be working on writing the ending to the short story "All Summer in a Day" by Ray Bradbury.

Students in eighth grade will be finishing up their first drafts of their writing on a social/political issue. These are due on Wednesday. On Thursday, they will be working with a partner to evaluate their writing and begin thinking about revision.

In Social Studies this week, we will wrap up our discussion of The Kid Who Ran For President and its relevance to the real political landscape. We will then be welcoming Ms. Coderre to give a presentation about her travel experiences in Europe last summer, and beginning to talk about a "global awareness" unit, which we will begin after break.

Reminder: Current Events assignment due every Friday @ 1:15 PM

Important Dates:

Tue, Feb 19th and Weds, Feb 20th: Drama Club Auditions for Aladdin, Jr.

Fri, Feb 22nd: Winter Carnival (w/ talent show @ Tillotson Center)

Fri, Feb 22nd: Valentine's Day / Winter Dance