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Mr. Sutters - Grade 6-8 Social Studies

Middle School
Social Studies
Week of 10/23/17

Parents and Guardians please note;  CES is creating  cookbook for a very important fundraising effort.  We'd love to have you buy one or more to help us raise money for the school. It'll make a great holiday gift!!!!!  Thank you.

6A and 6B

It's all about the kings of Mesopotamia this week.  The students are researching Hammurabi and his famous code of 282 laws that set the standard in the ancient world for written laws.  We'll look at how this affected the residents of Babylonia - especially the majority of people that could not read.  After that, we'll move on to Nebuchadnezzar and the impact he made. 

7A and 7B

Ancient Egypt continues.

A project on Egyptian pharaoh's will dominate the week.  Each student selected their own pharaoh to research and will report on the following;

  • background information
  • how he/she came to power
  • major accomplishments
  • how it all ended
Each student was also given the choice of artifact to use in reporting - slides, narrative or oral.  Three grades will be given; a work grade for notes, quiz grade for 1st draft and a test grade for the final artifact.

8A and 8B

Pre-Revolutionary War colonial America is the major topic this week for 8th grade.  We''ll look at the various ways Britain tried to tax Americans to help pay for the debt Britain incurred in our defense during the French and Indian War.  And the American reaction.  Lots of tax acts to understand and so little time!!!  In addition, we'll begin to familiarize ourselves with key Founding Fathers - and Mothers - that made significant contributions.