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Health & Physical Education

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2nd Semester

4th Quarter-The Home Stretch

Physical Education 

Please Do NOT wear Skirts/Dresses!
8:05-8:51 > 6th Grade (Mr. Call)
8:53-9:39 > 7A (Mr. Call)
9:45-10:30 < 2Grant (Mrs. Parker)
10:45-11:30 < 5 Marchand (Mrs. Parker)
11:40-12:10 < K-Wheelock (Mrs. Parker)
12:30-1:15 < 3rd Grade (Mrs. Parker)

8:05-8:51 > 7A (Mr. Call)
8:53-9:39 > 7B (Mr. Call)
9:45-10:30 < 1st Brady (Mrs. Parker)
10:45-11:30 < 5th Grade(Mrs. Parker)
11:40-12:10 < K-Wheelock (Mrs. Parker)
12:30-1:15 < 4th Lavigne (Mrs. Parker)

8:05-8:51 > 7B (Mr. Call)
8:53-9:39 > 8B (Mr. Call)
10:30-11:15 < 3 Eames (Mrs.Parker)
11:29-12:15 < 8A (Mrs. Parker)
1230-1:00 < K-Haley (Mrs.Parker)

8:05-8:51 > 8B (Mr. Call)
8:53-9:39 > 2 Hastings (Mr. Call)
9:45-10:30 < 1st Brady (Mrs. Parker)
10:45-11:30 < 5th Desharnais (Mrs. Parker)
11:40-12:10 < K- Haley (Mrs. Parker)
12:30-1:15 < 4th Lavigne (Mrs. Parker)

8:05-8:51 > 6th Grade (Mr. Call)
10:45-11:30 < 3 Moren (Mrs. Parker)
11:30-12:15 < 8A (Mrs. Parker)
12:30-1:15 < 2nd Grade (Mrs. Parker)

What happening in physical education?!
K & 1st: Striking and over hand throwing
2nd & 3rd Grade-Striking Skill-Badminton Basic Skills in pairs
4th & 5th Grade Striking Skill-Badminton Skills-Groups
6th-8th Grade-BadmintonSkills & Games


Grading in PE - 3rd - 8th 

Daily Performance Grade:

The majority of a student’s grade is derived from their daily active participation in the gymnasium.  For this reason, students need to actively participate in all class activities to earn credit towards their grade.  In order to participate, students need to be dressed appropriately for physical activity, this includes proper footwear. Students can then maximize their daily grade through active participation, engagement in skill development, and demonstration of appropriate social behaviors (respect, sportsmanship, etc.).

10 – 9 points

Demonstrates highly active participation, self-motivated.

Demonstrates and models positive behavior and attitude.

Demonstrates active engagement in skill and fitness development during class.

Demonstrates the ability to evaluate and assess strategies and rules associated with the game/activity.

7 – 8 points

Demonstrates active participation in class activity, needs no encouragement.

Demonstrates appropriate positive behavior and attitude.

Demonstrates and understands the need for active skill acquisition and fitness development.

Demonstrates an understanding of the rules and can apply them to the game/activity.

5 – 6 points

Demonstrates some participation in class with encouragement.

Demonstrates appropriate behavior or attitude.

Demonstrates some willingness and effort to improving skill and personal fitness levels.

Demonstrates an understanding of the rules and the ability to follow some of them in the game/activity.

3 – 4 points

Demonstrates engagement in activity for only a short period of time and/or needs frequent encouragement to engage in activity.

Demonstrates appropriate behavior or attitude on an inconsistent basis.

Demonstrates limited willingness to engage in skill and fitness development.

Demonstrates limited understanding of the rules of the game/activity.

1 - 2 points

Demonstrates little or no participation despite encouragement.

Demonstrates poor behavior and attitude; disrupts class.

Demonstrates no willingness to improve skills or fitness levels.

Demonstrates little or no knowledge of the rules of the game/activity.

0 points

Student is in class but unprepared. No sneakers _________________________________________________________


Fitnessgram Testing Components  

5 Components of Physical Fitness 
-Cardiovascular Endurance 
-Muscular Strength 
-Muscular Endurance
-Body Composition

The following will be completed this week during out fitness testing. We will test now, mid year and then a final time at the end of the year. 

-Measures Cardiovascular Endurance 
-Objective: Run as long as possible back and forth across a 20 - meter space at a specified pace that gets faster each minute

-Measures muscular strength and endurance 
-Objective: Complete as many curl-ups as possible up to a max of 75 at a specified pace 

-Measures muscular strength and endurance 
-Objective: Complete as many push-ups as possible at a rhythmic pace

My goal by the end of the year is that all of my students being tested are within the health fit zones for all areas. We work on all of these areas as well as flexibility everyday during class. All of my students are working very hard to achieve these goals!!!  

National PE Standards
SHAPE America's National Standards & Grade-Level Outcomes for K-12 Physical Education define what a student should know and be able to do as result of a highly effective physical education program. 
Standard 1 - The physically literate individual demonstrates competency in a variety of motor skills and movement patterns.

Standard 2 - The physically literate individual applies knowledge of concepts, principles, strategies and tactics related to movement and performance.

Standard 3 - The physically literate individual demonstrates the knowledge and skills to achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical activity and fitness.

Standard 4 - The physically literate individual exhibits responsible personal and social behavior that respects self and others.

Standard 5 - The physically literate individual recognizes the value of physical activity for health, enjoyment, challenge, self-expression and/or social interaction.
Citation: National Standards for K-12 Physical Education Copyright 2013, SHAPE America –Society of Health and Physical Educators, 1900 Association Drive, Reston, VA 20191, www.shapeamerica.org. All rights reserved.

For the Parents
  • Reminder for the parents: 
    •   Students must have sneaker and proper attire in order to participate.  Many students wear boots or dress shoes to school so please remind them to bring their sneakers. Students should wear appropriate clothing that is easy to run around in (dresses and skirts should not be worn). If they don't have the proper attire they will not be able to participate due to safety reasons.
  • If you have any questions you may reach me by email at kparker@csd.sau7.org
  • According the CDC, children should be getting 60 minutes of physical activity on a daily basis.  Please encourage your children to be as active as possible.  It will benefit them greatly, at school and at home! 
  • http://www.shapeamerica.org/


Playworks is for every child and offers everyone fun organized games at recess! 


Health-Mrs. Parker
High School Health 

Units Covered 
Mental Health 
Sexual Education 


We will cover appropriate knowledge and skills in the following Health Education Units:
Personal Health and Hygiene
Body Systems &  Grow/Development
Physical Fitness
Mental/Emotional Health
Safety/Emergency Response (if time allows)

Health Standards
The National Health Education Standards 

Standard 1: Students will comprehend concepts related to health promotion and disease prevention to enhance health.

Standard 2: Students will analyze the influence of family, peers, culture, media, technology, and other factors on health behaviors.

Standard 3: Students will demonstrate the ability to access valid information and products and services to enhance health.

Standard 4: Students will demonstrate the ability to use interpersonal  communication skills to enhance health and avoid or reduce health risks.

Standard 5: Students will demonstrate the ability to use decision-making skills to enhance health.

Standard 6: Students will demonstrate the ability to use goal-setting skills to enhance health.

Standard 7: Students will demonstrate the ability to practice health-enhancing behaviors and avoid or reduce health risks.

Standard 8: Students will demonstrate the ability to advocate for personal, family, and community health.

Joint Committee on National Health Education Standards. (2007). National Health Education Standards, Second Edition: Achieving Excellence. Washington, D.C.: The American Cancer Society.


For the parents: The following link are great resources!