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Mrs. Brady- Grade 1

  Welcome to Mrs. Brady's Remote Learning

What's Up This Week? 

April 6-April 24, 2020 


    Reading:   The children should be reading, Where Are My Friends.  This is the last story in Reading Street 1:3 book.  There is a posted video below on this story.  Please make sure your child is going over the skills and high frequency words for this story, as well as reading the pages before and after the story.  It should take the children the week to finish the materials that go with each story.  There are Reader's and Writer's Notebook pages that go with the story, as well as stories in the Decodable Readers and Leveled Readers that were provided.  Daily reading is essential during Remote Learning and the more time spent on it, the better and stronger your child will become.  

    Math:  The children should be finishing up their unit on measurement by the beginning of May.  I will be sending home the next unit on 2-D and 3-D shapes after vacation.  If you should have any questions about this measurement unit, please don't hesitate to reach out.  I have also posted several videos on measurement for the children to watch that should be helpful.  

    Writing: Your child's writing journal is in the bag as well.  Each day your child should plan on writing one or two sentences. Some children will want to write stories or longer pieces that go on for more than one day.  He or she may wish to draw and color a picture as well.  Please date each piece of writing.  

    Social Studies:  There are five Scholastic News included in the packet.  These may be completed as desired by the children.  I would encourage the children to complete at least per week.  The articles are great "talking points" for the children.  Often they wish to find out more information depending on the topics covered.  

    Science:  As your plants are growing, be sure to measure them every day.  They sprouts grow quickly and you'll notice that as they get bigger, they will begin to lean toward the sun or light supply.  Each day you'll need to rotate their container in order for your plants to grow straight.  Record the growth of one plant each day and make a picture of it.  Scientists look for changes and record their findings.  You can label your pictures and write a sentence or two about what is happening.  Also, some of you may have found frog spawn (eggs) and if you did, make sure you keep them outside where it is cool and change the water often.  It takes about two weeks before your eggs will hatch and once they do, let me know.  I have some special food to feed them.  You can also put algae in the water for them to eat as well.  Science is ALL AROUND US!

   Art:  Send pictures of projects you've been working on to me and I will make sure they get to Mrs. Johnsen or email them directly to her at: mjohnsen@csd.sau7.org   

  Music:  Music packets were sent out with assignments.  Please make sure you send completed work to: spearson@csd.sau7.org

  P.E.:  It is getting warm enough to get your bicycles out of storage...don't forget to wear your helmets.  Another idea I saw was setting up an obstacle course in your house (rainy days) and outside on nice days.  Encourage your child to participate in these creations. You can take pictures of your activities and send them to kparker@csd.sau7.org

Coding:  Complete work on-line or take pictures of completed sheets and send them to: dhall@csd.sau7.org so that you can get credit for your work. 

Please reach out to me for any questions, concerns, or if you need any kind of help.  I will make myself available to you.  I will do my best to provide the answers or will get someone who can help.  You may reach me by email:  jbrady@csd.sau7.org or by cell:  802-274-9581.

Watch for daily lessons/videos to be added.  

Reading Lesson Where Are My Friends