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Mrs. Hastings- Grade 2

                 Mrs. Hastings' Class
                   ** 2nd Grade **

*Feb. 10th - 14th*

This will be the specials schedule for this year.
Mon. -  Music    Tues. -  Gym       Wed. -  Gym      Thurs. -  Coding/Library       Fri. - Art
                                      Reminders/Updates -

                               ** Valentine's party on Feb. 14th   **

                                                         **  Swim, Skate, or Ski on Jan. 23rd  **
                                **   **

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Mrs. Hastings - Grade 2

Reading -    We are reading the story, A Weed is a Flower.  This is a biography about George Washington Carver.   

Story Words :  (Need to be able to read these)  

   clothes  hours  only  money  question  neighbor  taught     

Amazing Words- Students don't need to spell or read all of these words.  They just need to know what they mean when they hear them.  These words are in some of our readings this week.

        excel  research  accomplish  scientist  process  opportunity  original  unusual   

      Question of the Week -  Where do creative ideas come from?    

Spelling  -  

    This week's words are words spelled with endings -er and -est, such as wetter, calmer, and silliest.    


Language -      For grammar we are learning about comparative and superlative forms.   During writing we are learning about the structure of a paragraph.  We are researching and taking notes for animal reports.  We are also writing a short 'Love Is' piece for Valentine's Day.

Math -  We are reviewing telling time to the half hour.  We are also discussing telling time to the minute.  Regrouping (trading) in addition is continuing to be discussed this week.  We are also continuing our practice with math facts and subtraction.  The students are also working on problem solving. 

        ** Math Games** 

Science -    We are reading and discussing the emails about the Monarchs in Mexico at the Sanctuaries.  We are beginning researching and gathering information for our forest animal reports. 

Social Studies and Global Awareness -   We are reading and discussing information about the Sanctuaries in Mexico.  We are doing some work related to Valentine's Day and Acts of Kindness week.


 ** Tip ** 

 Phonics / Spelling 

When trying to spell a word you don't know, try 'tapping out' the sounds.  Now 
match the letters to the number of sounds.  Practices recognizing spelling patterns which may include blends, digraphs, r-controlled vowels, or dipthongs.  This also works on separating each sound that should be heard separately so you don't jump over a letter when writing it down.

For example:    sip  -  3 sounds (_ _ _) &  3 letters - s-i-p  
However......        ship  -  also 3 sounds (_ _ _)   But... 4 letters sh-i-p
car  -  2 sounds (_ _)  But 3 letters  c-ar

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    ** Goggles and Glitter in Grade 2 **