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Mrs. Hastings- Grade 2

                 Mrs. Hastings' Class
                   ** 2nd Grade **

*Mar. 23rd - Apr. 3rd*

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This will be the specials schedule for this year.
Mon. -  Music    Tues. -  Gym       Wed. -  Gym      Thurs. -  Coding/Library       Fri. - Art

           Welcome to my work space at home.

                                      Reminders/Updates -

** Update - Mar. 26th -   Look under the math section for an example of ' a different way ' for the number of the day math form. **

** Update -  Mar. 26th - Look under the Math and Reading sections.  I've added some study island assignments that are due by next Friday.  These should not take too long.  I did get on the website this afternoon and without any difficulty.  Those who do not have internet access will not need to do these assignments.

**  Update - Mar. 25th -  Well I finally got a video posted.  Hopefully the videos will get better with practice!  The Fire Fighter video site is listed is under the reading section.  Good luck!  **

**  Update - Mar. 25th - There seems to be a problem with page 396.  I am cancelling this assignment. **

**  Update - Mar. 25th - Spelling words are on the top of p394.  I also added them below. **

 ** I hope to add some information during the week so check back daily! **

                                        **  You all received your Special Bags.... Good Luck! **
     ** During the week you decide when you complete each assignment  **

     ** The week's work should be done by the Friday of each week **          
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Mrs. Hastings - Grade 2

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Hastings' Class

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US programs

2nd Grade Common Core

Reading -    Read Leprechaun Lore and answer the questions. You will also be reading Scholastic News each week.   If you have books at home, then it would be good to read a few minutes each day.   The vocabulary words you cut apart each week need to be practiced so that you know what they mean.  Remember that during vocabulary games you need to be able read the word orally and use it in a sentence in order to roll the dice.  

Here is the URL for the video of Fire Fighter.  It is the first video and has some issues with sound matching.  Hopefully the videos will get better as we go along.  Enjoy!


Study Island - Choose US programs - 2nd Grade Common Core - ELA - Do 2a & 2b

Story Words :  (Need to be able to read these)  

  Fire Fighter - building, quickly, tightly, burning, roar, masks, station  

  Carl the Compainer - annoy, P.M., complain, shrugs, mumbles, signature 

Amazing Words- Students don't need to spell or read all of these words.  They just need to know what they mean when they hear them. 

 Fire Fighter -  community,  teamwork, responsible, instrument, operation, caretaker, supplies, lug

   Carl the Complainer - concern, persuade, pellets, pollute, contribute, fragile, litter, release 

   Question of the Week
Fire Fighter - Why should we be responsible for doing a good job? 

   Carl the Complainer - How can we be responsible community members?  

Spelling  - 

             **The most important point in spelling is to understand the pattern being learned and how it applies to all words. **         

     We have discussed base words and some suffixes already such as when we add -ing or -ed to a base word.

  Mar. 23rd - Mar. 27th - This week's spelling pattern is using suffixes -ly, -ful, -er, -or, and -ish.  They each have a meaning that works with the base word.  The suffix -ly can mean "in a _____ way" such as slowly means "in a slow way".  The suffix -ful can mean "full of" such as cheerful means "full of cheer".
The suffix -er and -or can mean "person or thing that" such as teacher is a person that teaches and visitor is a person that visits.  The suffix -ish can mean "like" such as childish means "like a child". 

Spelling words are on the top of page 394. 
* cheerful, visitor, slowly, weekly, teacher, helper, hardly, graceful, yearly, quickly, fighter, & sailor *  

Mar. 30th - Apr. 3rd - This week's spelling pattern is using the prefixes un-, re-, pre-, & dis-.
We have already discussed some prefixes.  Again, prefixes are added to the base word and change the meaning of the base word.  The prefix un- can mean either "not" or "do the opposite of" the base word.  Unwrap means "do the opposite of wrap" and unsafe means "not safe".  The prefix re- means "again" so revisit means to "visit again".  The prefix pre- means "before" so prepay means to "pay before".  The  prefix dis- means "not" or "opposite of" so distrust means to "not trust". 

Language -     For these two weeks you are working with pronouns which is a word that takes the place of a noun or nouns.  We have been using them all year and most recently during our science research.  The pronouns you're working with are he, she, it, we, you, and they.  Please remember to look at the information at the top of any worksheet you do.  There is often reminders for you on the concepts you are learning.   You also will be writing one complete sentence each day in your daily journal telling about something you want to share about that day.  Please start each day by writing the date.

Math -  We are continuing our work with telling time.  Please have someone ask you what time it is occassionally during the week.  We have begun reviewing money identifications and values.  These two weeks you will be practicing adding up change.  Remember to use the coins.  You can match the coins with each problem.  Then place the coins from greatest to least in value for each problem before you try to add them up.  It will make the adding much easier.

Study Island - Choose US programs - 2nd Grade Common Core - Math - Do 2a & 2b

** Update - On the number of the day forms students may need a reminder on what  "a different way" means.  This is the question that most students have a problem with.  We want students to think of a number as being able to be broken up (or reached) in more than one way.  
Example:   354          Expanded form would be....  300 + 50 + 4 = 354
                                   Options for a different way could be...
                                          250 + 104 = 354     or    340 + 14 = 354     or    20 + 334 = 354   and so on...

        ** Math Games** 

Science / Social Studies and Global Awareness -    This week you have a Scholastic News to read and complete the worksheets.  Please remember to answer each question by writing in a complete sentence.  If you do not have internet access, then you will not have to complete the 'Watch the video' page.


 ** Tip ** 

 Phonics / Spelling 

When trying to spell a word you don't know, try 'tapping out' the sounds.  Now 
match the letters to the number of sounds.  Practices recognizing spelling patterns which may include blends, digraphs, r-controlled vowels, or dipthongs.  This also works on separating each sound that should be heard separately so you don't jump over a letter when writing it down.

For example:    sip  -  3 sounds (_ _ _) &  3 letters - s-i-p  
However......        ship  -  also 3 sounds (_ _ _)   But... 4 letters sh-i-p
car  -  2 sounds (_ _)  But 3 letters  c-ar

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    ** Goggles and Glitter in Grade 2 **