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Mrs. Moren - Grade 3

Week of  October 14-18
Welcome to Third Grade!!!!
I am looking forward to a great year and I hope your child learns many new things! 
These are the topics I plan to cover this week:

 Spelling - We will have words with long vowel digraphs (ee,ea, ai, ay, oa, and ow)
 Reading -   We will be reading  the story Supermarket by Kathleen Krull. We will be working with base words and endings.

Social Studies -   We will be learning about the First Amendment in the Constitution. We may take A Colebrook History Walk on Thursday.
Science -  We will complete our unit on deserts. We will learn about rain in the desert and the Watercycle. We will review for a test on Chapter 2 that will be on Wednesday.

 Math -    .  We will continue our first chapter in our math books on multiplication.

Language -   We will learn about Imperative and Exclamatory sentences. We will learn cursive letters w,e, and l.

Please feel free to call me with any questions School 237-4801 Home 237-8304 after 6:00

Book Orders will be sent out the first Friday of every month. You may order on-line using my code H47N8.

Public Library trips will occur on Tuesday afternoon the second week of the month.  

Other school-wide initiatives for the 2017—2018 school year include Responsive ClassroomPlayworks, and Study Island.  The following links have been provided for your information regarding these additional school-wide initiatives.

Responsive Classroom ~ https://www.responsiveclassroom.org/about/

Playworks ~ http://www.playworks.org/about

Study Island https://www.studyisland.com/about

Upcoming Events:                            

        October  17- Rough copy of report due

        October 17-Colebrook Walk