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Mrs. Wheelock- Kindergarten


Mrs. Wheelock's Kindergarten Class 

*Monday, February 24th - Friday, February 28th- Winter Break

*Read Across America Week- March 2nd- 6th 

*Early Release Day- Thursday, March 19th

*No School- Friday, March 20th 

Letter of the Week:   L

Numbers: 6

Letters we have learned:

M        S        P        N        B        T        C        A        I        N        R        D        F        O

K        H        O        L    

Sight Words we have learned and the students should be able to read:

I        am         red            white        blue        the            little         a        to

is        have            we            my            like            he            she        with

me        see        look        of            they        you         can        are        do    


Daily Schedule: 
-Morning Choices
-Morning Meeting
-Snack & Free Play
-Reading & Math Blocks 
-Recess (10:30)
-Quiet Time & Bathroom
-Lunch (11:30)
-Read Aloud
-Social Studies & Science Time 
-Afternoon Snack & Free Play 
-Closing Circle & Dismissal 

Specials Schedule:
Monday- Music
Tuesday- Library
Wednesday-  Gym **Bring Sneakers**
Thursday-  Social Skills 
Friday- Gym **Bring Sneakers**


Responsive Classroom:

CES is implementing and getting really good at Responsive Classroom, which is "an evidence-based approach to teaching that focuses on engaging academics, positive community, effective management, and developmental awareness." The program will incorporate morning meeting activities, energizers and movement, games and activities, and other community building activities.  


The Good Behavior Game

I was trained in an another evidence based behavior game over the summer, called the Good Behavior Game. This game is used during regular classroom instruction, while students are working or playing.  We will play the game 3-4 times per day.  You can find more information about the game here: 

"The PAX Game, as children typically call it, is a simple classroom strategy, used during regular instruction. No extra time is needed. Children help define the rules of the classroom to create a more “wonderful school.” Children are placed on teams, which are chosen by the teacher. About three times per day, the teacher sets a timer. While the timer is ticking, the teacher will conduct the class just like normal. If a child does something that gets in the way of the vision of the “wonderful school,” then the child’s team gets a foul—which the children call a “Spleem.” When the timer rings, the teacher counts up the number of Spleems. If a team has three or fewer Spleems, it wins the game. All teams can win. Simple prizes are awarded to each winning team. After a while, prizes are only awarded at the end of the day. The PAX Game helps children exercise the portion of the brain that controls impulsivity. During the game, the children learn to support one another rather than make fun of each other. All of this helps to reduce inattention and disruptions, which, in turn, enhances learning. Talk to your child about the game. He or she can tell you all about Spleems and PAX Wins!"


PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports):

PBIS is a school wide behavior plan that focuses on rewarding students for positive behavior inside and outside of the classroom.  We are asking our students to be a STARR in the classroom, hallways, bathrooms, playground, etc. Be on the lookout for additional information on this program throughout the year! 

S- Safe
T- Tolerance
A- Acceptance
R- Responsibility 
R- Respect 


As part of PBIS, we are practicing mindfulness, or being aware of your own bodies and feelings.  We will be developing strategies to help us when we are upset or not feeling well. Some of these strategies include deep belly breaths, yoga poses, draw and crumble, and a lot of GoNoodles!  I hope the students will enjoy these strategies and practice them as needed!


Scholastic Reading Club: 

Class Code- QCZDD

Our classroom is part of the Scholastic Reading Club program, which allows teachers and parents to order books through magazines sent home monthly and the online website.  

Each month, your child will bring home book order forms that provide a variety of different topics, interests, and reading levels.  Each time you order through Scholastic Reading Club, our class earns points to add new books to our classroom library!

You can also order online by using the class code (QCZDD)

Contact me with any questions or concerns!  


Contact Information:
Phone Number- 603-237-4801 EXT 125
Email Address- krwheelock@csd.sau7.org

Please feel free to contact me ANYTIME with questions or concerns!  

-Cold Lunch (lunch from home)
-Main Meal
-Yogurt Parfait
-Deli Sandwich or Sunbutter and Jelly Sandwich

Lunch Prices:
Regular- $2.65
Reduced- $0.40

Breakfast Prices:
Regular- $1.60
Reduced- $0.30

Snack Milk- $0.50