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Ms. Hall - Library/Media Specialist

February 4, 2018

Ms. Marchand's fifth grade class has completed two weeks of keyboarding class already. I have been very impressed with how well they remembered the keyboarding skills they learned in third and fourth grade. Additionally, I have noticed that they are very enthused about continuing on to the Course 3 level in Code.org. They seem to be enjoying learning how to program using this online program and I am very glad of that because I believe coding is becoming as essential a skill as is reading because every industry and career path is being impacted by the computer revolution. The video I have linked here helps to explain how important it is that our students learn computer science skills in order to be prepared for the jobs of the future.

Computer Science is Changing Everything

January 17, 2018

Second quarter is over this week and along with it, keyboarding for 4th graders. 
One of the final projects the fourth grade classes completed in keyboarding was a PowerPoint presentation. 
Each student chose an animal native to New Hampshire and while in Library class they completed some research on that animal. 
They brought the facts they found to keyboarding and used them as they learned how to make a slide to visually present that information.

I've posted the slideshows below for you to enjoy.



December 8, 2017

This week the fourth graders took a little break from practicing their typing skills and learning some simple computer coding skills to have some fun creating colorful scenes with Microsoft Word. They did a such a fantastic job with this assignment that I decided to put their finished pieces together in an Animoto video.

Enjoy watching!

November 13, 2017

Fourth Grade students began their keyboarding special last week They have been reviewing what they learned in keyboarding as 3rd graders through using an online classroom on the typingclub.com website to complete lessons. 

There will never be any assigned homework, but students are encouraged to practice their keyboarding skills whenever they use a computer at school or at home. 

Other topics that will be covered in this class include basic computer science and computer coding (programming), using Microsoft Word to create and save documents, and principles of digital citizenship. 

October 24, 2017

It's hard to believe first quarter keyboarding with the third grade is almost over. This week the students started a new typing program, TypingClub.com. I've been tracking their progress in my online TypingClub classroom and they are doing a great job. They seem to be having fun too. 
Next week, the students will be completing a simple MicroSoft Word project before the quarter ends. 
I hope that whenever they use a computer in class or at home, everyone keeps using the correct techniques they have learned so they come back next fall with even better keyboarding skills.

October 1, 2017

At this point in the quarter, the third graders have become acquainted with the correct fingers to use for typing all the middle and top row letters of the keyboard. Soon they

will be learning the bottom row letters while continuing to practice the home row and top row. Our coding lessons have been challenging the students' critical thinking and

problem solving skills. Some students have been collaborating on how to code various puzzles and this has been very helpful. This week is a short week. With Early Release

on Thursday and Teacher Professional Development on Friday, keyboarding will only meet three times this week. During this week's three lessons, I will be reviewing some

important coding concepts with the students, especially debugging. Debugging is finding and fixing errors in your code, which is fundamental to learning computer science.

Other related skills we will be working on this week is the importance of reading and following programming instructions and persevering when we don't immediately understand something new.

September 18, 2017

This week the third graders will begin computer coding. They will be introduced to some basic concepts of computer programming through completing activities in an online class controlled and tracked by me through the Code.org website. They will begin with Course D, which is designed for this grade level. Course D covers the concept of algorithms and teaches students how to use nested loops, while loops, conditionals, and events. Lessons in Digital Citizenship, with a focus on staying safe, being responsible, and being respectful when online are also included in Course D. Below is an example of a simple puzzle students will have to solve in Course D using the basic computer programming concept of nested loops.

September 5, 2017

Third graders have keyboarding every day during quarter one, which goes until Friday, November 3rd. There will be no assigned homework, but students are encouraged to practice their new skills whenever they use a computer at school or at home. 

The main focus of this course will be basic typing skills. However, some other technology concepts will be introduced as well. These will include the parts of a computer, how the Internet works, some basic Microsoft Word skills, and simple computer coding concepts.

Last week the students learned their usernames and passwords and practiced logging onto the school's computer network. They also learned the correct way to turn on and shut down their desktop computers.

The class started learning finger placement for the home row keys and will continue learning the correct fingers to use for the entire alphabet. A popular typing program for young children called Dance Mat Typing is helping the students practice their new skills. The students seem to really enjoy learning with this program. It incorporates animal characters and music to make the lessons fun.

April 3, 2017

It's hard to believe that the last quarter of the school year has begun and now it's the 6th graders' turn in keyboarding class. They have started with the TypingClub.com classroom and some have begun working on Course 2 in the Code.org classroom. After April vacation, the class will be starting some other projects. They will be introduced to an award winning online game call Quandary in which they will role play ethical decision making in relation to cyber-bullying. They will also be creating some projects using Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint.

March 6, 2017

The fifth graders have been working hard. Some have finished the entire Code.org Level 2 course and have earned the maximum 5 stars for every typing lesson that has been assigned so far. Our PowerPoint slides are completed and the presentations are posted below. In the remaining weeks of the quarter, we will continue with typing and coding while completing some small projects in Microsoft Word and some digital citizenship lessons from Common Sense Media.



January 16, 2017

Fifth graders in Ms. Marchand's class begin keyboarding classes today. They will have keyboarding for 30 minutes every morning until the end of third quarter, which ends on March 31st. 

Students will be primarily working with in my online line typingclub.com classroom. Students will be assigned approximately 8-10 typingclub.com lessons each week. The class will continue these lessons up to number 70. 

Lessons in basic computer programming principles will be introduced in this class as well. I have a online classroom using Code.org where students will be working on completing lessons at the Course 2 level.

Other topics we will cover include Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint and concepts of Digital Citizenship.


January 2, 2017

There's just two weeks left of keyboarding class for the fourth graders!

We are attempting to complete typingclub.com through lesson number 63 and fit in one or two more days of the Code.org Course 2 class before the quarter ends on Friday, January 13th.

The students have been working hard and it shows. I can see they are becoming faster and more accurate as they repeat lessons to earn the coveted 5 stars and/or a Perfect Score! rating for that lesson. Very soon, some of these students will be typing better than I do!

During these final two weeks the focus for typing is on practicing the correct way of typing capital letters. For coding, we are continuing to learn how to use repeat loops to make our code simpler and shorter in length.

December 13, 2016

As promised, I've attached the completed PowerPoint presentation. The students did a fantastic job and they all received an excellent grade on their slide.

We have also been working on a Christmas project, but I can't post that because it's a surprise.

DagesseVolcano2016 ‎(1)‎.pptx

November 22, 2016

Students are continuing lessons in the typingclub.com online class and progressing with their coding skills.

Computer coding lessons started with learning to build simple algorithms and have progressed to students learning to use repeat loops while building their algorithms.

Students are also working on a collaborative PowerPoint presentation about volcanoes, which is a topic they are studying with Ms. Dagesse.

Each student has been assigned a volcano and while in library class has been searching for information about it.

In keyboarding, each student has been working on their own slide for the presentation, which will include the information they found as well as some images of their assigned volcano.

I will post the completed presentation here soon so everyone can see the great job the students are doing.